At The Sunshine Shop we are dedicated artisan soap makers who produce the highest quality soap and skincare products.



The Sunshine Soap Shop was established in 2007, right after my youngest was born. I remember walking down the aisle of laundry detergents, looking at the prices, ingredients, and colorful advertising wondering what I was actually paying for. What chemicals were in here? How would they effect my childs skin or their health. I researched every oil that could go into making soap. With this research also came knowledge about what was actually in the commercial soaps we were using and the effects they had on our health, not to mention the environment. I learned which oils added to what properties of the soap and eventually developed a recipe I was happy with that didn't involve animal fats and unnecessary fillers. I was hooked and wanted to share what I had learnt. So right there I had my mission. To produce the highest quality soap and skincare products at an affordable price.