Our recipe was developed personally by our owner and founder. Every oil adds its own specific qualities. OUR SECRET IS in our recipe. What it leaves you with is a rich lather unlike any other.  



Our skin is our largest organ and many commercially-made skincare products contain toxic and environmentally harmful ingredients. Our products are different. With all the information we have at our fingertips, there are many positions on what ingredients are best. We strive to maintain the integrity of our products while keeping it practical. One choice we have made is to not use canola oil filler in our soap. Canola oil has little to no benefit to the soap. It is not beneficial to your skin and does not add to the quality of the soap. It is a cheaper option, but one we decided was not beneficial. Our ingredients are gentle on our waterways, and on our bodies. We invest the time to source only the best, as we believe your body deserves it. Try our products. We believe that when you do, you will feel incredible and confident that you've made a great choice in skincare products.